Planning for 2021 reservations

Making your 2021 reservation has been on our minds lately. Here are some thing to know and expect as you plan your chalet adventure.

You can note that our fares for the 2021 season are now approved and on our website for you to review. 2021 Chalet reservations become available on January 11, 2021. 8:00am, Mountain time zone.

We appreciate your understanding that the chalets of Glacier are very small hotels with a large demand. In requesting a reservation you are joining the ranks of hundreds of other parties submitting requests all at the same time. The demand for lodging will be greater than the number of rooms we have. We wish we could host everyone but the unfortunate reality is that many January 11 requests will be declined.

• The form on the website will be the best, fastest, easiest, simplest way to request a reservation.

If you attempt to create your reservation by phone or Email we will do our best to help you, but be advised that it will delay your entry into our request queue. We really, really, really want you to use the website. It is faster, easier, and improves your chances of an awarded reservation.

• Please be patient.

At the stroke of the clock when our reservations come available the sudden demand on our web-server tends to slows things down a bit. There is nothing nefarious going on, be patient, all website visitors are experiencing the same slowdown. Things will be running smoothly in just a couple minutes. Trying to connect with multiple devices only increases the demand on the web-server and does not do as much to help your connection as you might think.

In 2021 we are rearranging our offices so that our employees can work from home. This is new to us so we are not sure how well it will work. Our worry is that it may slow down how we manage the volume of requests. Thanks for being patient if your reply Email feels delayed.

• Be flexible.

Your reservation request should include a first and second choice of dates for your stay. We like to suggest giving us a range of dates for your time in Glacier, as wide a range as possible. That will give us the most opportunities to match your party with any potential openings.

Make note of the passcode you are given as your request submits. This will allow you to log in and edit your request while it is in queue waiting for our review. Useful for corrections, fixing mistakes, and hopefully reduces the pressure from any change of mind.

We are looking forward to serving you.

Summer 2021

We have operating dates for the 2021 season:

Granite Park Chalet will open June 28 through September 12.

Sperry Chalet will open July 11 through September 12.

You can find our 2021 workshop schedule here.

Reservations will open on Monday, January 11 2021. 8:00 a.m. Mountain time zone.

Closed for the season

The pandemic put a damper on the Sperry Chalet grand re-opening, but we are thrilled with the new dormitory building. A beautiful building in a beautiful place. We are looking forward to the day when we can invite every visitor inside to take a look.

For those of you who could join us at Sperry this summer, it was a joy to serve you. For those whose circumstances resulted in changed plans, we look forward to the next opportunity. The need for parks, mountains, and beautiful hiking trails has never been more apparent to us.

We would like to give a special shout out to Alex Schaefer, our resident artist this summer. We could not be more pleased with his beautiful work.

Have a safe and healthy winter. Check our website around the holidays for details about 2021 reservations opening on January 11.

Happy trails

She's Back!

Sperry Chalet, July 2020

Governor Bullock issues statewide mask mandate as coronavirus cases climb

Under the directive, "businesses, other indoor spaces open to the public and sponsors of organized outdoor activities may also deny entry, refuse service or ask any person to leave if they refuse to wear a face covering."

To our guests, we share our gratitude to you for following the COVID 19 mandate. Thank you!

See you in the beautiful Glacier high Country!

Chalet Travel Tips

July 13, 2020

To our wonderful chalet guests,

To move swiftly through the West entrance gate at GNP, we highly recommend you purchase your season/seven day pass, etc. online before your arrival. Bring your GNP pass documentation with you.

Secondly, in the event GNP moves to a timed entry reservation system (which it has not at this time), you will be exempt as a chalet guest. Print out your confirmation form and place in your back back for verification purposes.

Finally, neither the Highline Trail nor the Gunsight Trails are open as of 7/13/20. Upon your arrival, please check the trails status page: for accurate information.

Please note: trailhead parking is at a premium-the parking lot at Logan Pass filled at 7:15am this morning.

See you on the trails! Kathie

Chalet visits in a season of Covid-19

Glacier National Park has announced they intend to begin the phased re-opening on June 8. This means that our chalet season can proceed on schedule.

We have organized our Covid-19 policies, procedures, and plans for you to review. For more information about how the pandemic will impact your plans for a chalet visit please review our Covid-19 information page.

Planning to re-open Glacier

We are encouraged by news from the National Park Service that there is a phased plan for reopening Glacier National Park. You can find details of the re-opening plan here:

What we do not have are specific dates for any part of the opening process. We are optimistic that the park will begin opening sometime in June in time for the chalet operating season.

Do not expect all park services or facilities to be available this year. When you make your visit please come prepared:

And please keep Glacier healthy. Do not travel if anyone in your party is ill or has been exposed to others who are ill.

Be safe out there.

Coronavirus planning

As we learn more from county and state health agencies and stay in communication with the National Park Service we are growing cautiously optimistic that the chalets will be able to open in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our guests should be advised that this will not be a typical season of chalet comforts in the wild. We will be on high alert for any illness or contagion. We are expecting a lot of changes in how the chalets operate. For example:

If any visitor begins showing signs of illness while at the chalet the entire party will be evicted and must evacuate to the front country for medical attention. The chalets are to far from medical help and to close quarters to take any chances.

If any member of your party shows signs of illness in the days leading up to your reservation we ask that you cancel your trip. Please do a good service for the health of our National Park, our communities, and your fellow travelers by not spreading possible infections.

If you do not have a chalet reservation but are interested in visiting us on a day hike, be advised that the chalet structures cannot shelter you and food service will be limited or unavailable.

We will be fine tuning the details of our Coronavirus plan as summer approaches and we will work to keep our guests informed on what to expect. We are taking unusual and extreme measures because we hold the health of our staff and guests as our highest concern. It is unfortunate that safety measures prevent us from opening our doors to everyone. Thank you for the kind understanding. With this season of sacrifices we will be in a better position to offer the warm embrace of chalet hospitality in the future.

Be safe out there.

Business as usual, until it isn’t.

The communities around us are reacting to the Covid 19 virus in as many sensible and precautionary ways as can be arranged. Here in our (work from home) offices we have some advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, we will not be hosting people in our chalets for some months time yet, and when summer gets here a great many people will benefit from a mountain reprieve. On the other hand this deadly virus is sure to change many lives and plans. Our future is an unmapped trail that no one has ever hiked before and all trails have hazards.

We are aware that closing hotels and National Parks is within the realm of possibility as a protective measure against this disease, but our July through September season is over a hundred days away. Things may change by then. We want to be optimistic. So we will go into the next months assuming business as usual.

As for your chalet reservations, we will hold on to them as planned. National Parks and mountains will be valuable things after the stress we are all feeling. We understand if you need to change your travel plans. For now the worst consequence is our $10 administrative fee (the credit card companies are still charging us to process your refund.) And no, credit toward next year is not an option. Every year there are wilderness hazards like bears or fires; this year has a virus hazard. It is up to the individual in the wilderness to take responsibility for the outcome of any hazard you meet. First come first served next year will give everyone the same opportunity to have plans interfered with as this or any other year.

Should Mother Nature favor us with good health and a beautiful park we want you to join us in amazing mountain adventures. We would like to reassure you about visiting. We are veterans in the battle against virus. At the chalets we have annually confronted nemesis like haunta virus, norovirus, and girardia bacteria for decades now. We have learned the fine art of sanitation and it is built into our most basic training and operations. Our chalet crews have been using the phrase "whatever, just wash your hands" since before it was popular. When you visit Granite Park and Sperry Chalets be assured that you are among people that treat your health as the most important concern there is.

So we will hope for the best and continue with business as usual for now. And as with all wilderness adventures we know that plans can suddenly change. We go to the mountains to test our mettle against the wild after all. Like good mountaineers we know that should something force us to change our wilderness plans we will make a new plan, responding to the hazard safely, gracefully, and without regret.

Be safe out there.

Sperry Chalet Celebration

For our friends in the Flathead Valley next week, please join us for a Sperry Chalet Celebration.

Glacier National Park, in partnership with Glacier National Park Conservancy, announces a public event to celebrate the reopening of Sperry Chalet. The event will take place on February 26 at 7:00 pm at the Red Lion Hotel, Kalispell, MT.

The event provides an opportunity to hear from key individuals who were instrumental in the project's success. The celebration is free and open to the public.

First day of reservations

Our office staff has been commenting all day on how great it feels to be taking Sperry Chalet reservations again. It feels like we have taken a first big step toward an amazing summer.

And you guys are obviously just as excited for Sperry Chalet as we are. In all of chalet history we have never seen a turnout like we have seen today. More reservation requests came in during our first hour this morning than we have ever seen before. Granite Park Chalet is seeing a huge turnout too, requests there are nearly double what we saw a year ago. We are humbled and grateful.

The unfortunate downside is that we know we will not be able to serve everyone. We are sad in the knowledge that some of our biggest supporters and friends may be receiving a declined request this week.

We are going to be backlogged all week long as we work through your reservation requests. We give each request personal attention and try hard to find the perfect room for you. Thank you for your patience as we get caught up. We do not know how long this will take. Please give us at least a week before you start to worry about hearing back from us. Check your Email (and your junk mail) for the reply from the office. Successful reservations will receive a statement by postal mail.

We are starting to update the availability calendar, but this information will not by fully accurate until we are caught up on the backlog. But we do want to share our progress in filling rooms and give you an idea of the most popular dates.

Thank you.

Making reservations

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our reservations.

Reservations will be available beginning 8:00am Mountain Time Zone on January 13, 2020.

Using the website and the online form is the best, fastest, easiest way to request a chalet reservation. Reservations are not available by phone. The phone line is likely to be busy and by phone all we can do is enter the online form on your behalf.

The form will not be made available in advance. It does allow for a first choice and an alternate choice of dates and we recommend giving us a range of dates to improve your chances.

You can request to enroll in a workshop along with your reservation. Be advised that we will treat the workshop request as your first choice and the workshop fee is not refundable. Only check the box if you want to enroll.

All requests are handled first come first served. You only need to submit one request. Bombarding us with superfluous requests only slows down your notifications and makes it harder for you and everyone else to get the stay you want.

Chalet reservations are very popular and the chalets are small hotels with limited vacancy. We are sorry that we will not be able to host everyone that wishes to visit us. Here are some tips to improve your chances:

Smaller parties are statistically more likely to get rooms than larger parties.
Giving us a wide range of dates and being flexible will improve your chances.
The last week in July and the first week in August are usually the first dates to sell out. You may find better luck earlier or later in the season.
If you do not get a chalet reservation on the 13th, keep checking back periodically through the spring. Cancellations do happen and new opportunities may come up.

We are looking forward to helping your with your chalet adventure.

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