Merry Christmas!

Chippy Claus

From high in the mountains and deep in our hearts, a warm Christmas Greeting to you and your hiking buddies!

We will be out of the office and enjoying the holidays until after the new year. We will be back to help you with your reservations on Monday, January 3.

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be away from the office and spending time with our families for the holiday weekend. I hope you have an opportunity to do the same. If you have business with your chalet reservation, please send an Email and we will help you out next week.

Deposit payments.

First, don't panic. Your reservation is secure.

We are still a little hard to reach and a little slow on the replies because of the volume of people making reservations and deposits right now. We are temporarily waiving the two week deadline on reservation deposits while we get caught up on the backlog. Your reservation will be secure at least until the end of November.

To make a deposit:
We can take checks, credit cards and money orders through the mail. You will be receiving a statement in the mail, send back the bottom portion with your payment.

We can also take credit cards over the phone. 888-345-2649. We will need your reservation number.


Thank you

We would like to thank everyone for your enthusiasm toward the chalets. It has been great to hear your excitement as we worked on filling your reservations for 2011. I apologize for any frustration or confusion this week if you had difficulties connecting with us. Our office systems have trouble keeping up when we get so many requests all at the same time.

If you need to make a deposit payment on your reservation, the amount and the address to send it to will be on the statement you receive through the postal mail. We can accept checks or credit card numbers by mail, or we can take credit cards by phone.

If the dates you wanted have sold out faster than we could complete your reservation, we are very sorry. Do please check the availability calendar on our website from time to time this winter, if a change or cancellation opens up a vacancy that is the first and easiest place to learn about it.

See you in the high country!

2011 reservations

Reservations will open for the 2011 season on Monday October 25 starting at 8:00am mountain time zone.

The two best ways to make a reservation are through our toll free phone line or through the online reservation request form. Pick the form of communication that you are most comfortable with.

The phone line has the advantage of instant feedback on your reservation request and is the best way to handle large or complicated reservations. The disadvantage is that our phone line becomes very congested during the first week of reservations and you will need patience and persistence to get through.

The online request form has the advantage of your request being placed in queue. All reservation requests are handled in the order they are received and we will have enough staff to process these simultaneously with the phone requests. The disadvantage is that communication through Email can be slow. We will let you know the status of your request as quickly as we can. If you have lots of questions, or a large and complicated reservation, any followup requests or changes will end up at the back of the queue.


Planning ahead to 2011

We now have our 2011 operating dates to help you start planning for your chalet adventure next summer.

Granite Park Chalet:
Open June 28 through September 9.

Sperry Chalet:
Open July 8 through September 10.

Our reservation office will begin accepting reservations on Monday, October 25, 2010.


Closed for the season

Sperry Chalet is closed for the winter. A hearty thank you to everyone who came to visit us this year. I hope you enjoyed hiking the trails as much as we did.

We will be out of the office for a while, but check back here in October. This will be the best place to learn about 2011 reservations and we will let you know as soon as the details are finalized.

Happy Trails

Going to the Sun Road Shuttle

A reminder for those of you visiting the park this upcoming week, the free shuttle service along Going to the Sun Road will be shutting down after Labor Day. If you are going to be visiting the chalets this week the easiest way to get back to your vehicle will be to hike out on the same trail you used to hike in.

Happy trails!

Change of seasons

If you have already visited us this summer you know what a wonderfully mild summer it has been. For those of you visiting in the next two weeks, that mild summer is turning into a cool and beautiful autumn. The weather becomes extremely unpredictable this time of year, so all hikers should be ready for any conditions. We are already seeing some rain and snow, so it is hard to tell what you will get during your visit.

Be sure to dress in layers. While hiking it is easy to overheat and work up a sweat even on cool days, be ready to shed or add clothing any time you stop, start, or change elevation. And always carry a waterproof layer with you; rain and snow can come unpredictably. Getting wet and cold is the fastest way to end your fun in the mountains and could even lead to dangerous hypothermia. Other items that can help keep your backcountry visit comfortable this time of year include a warm hat, gloves and long underwear.

The chalets are open for a couple more weeks of great hiking. Come prepared and we will see you in the high country.

Thank you Ashley!

Ashley Bostrom

Sperry Chalets first resident artist, Ashley Bostrom, has finished her hitch and it was really nice to have her with us. She produced many finished paintings while at Sperry Chalet and she says she has a sketchbook full of ideas that she can't wait to work on back at her studio. The next stop for her artwork will be an art show in Vermont. Isn't it wonderful to think of people so far away sharing a little of Glacier Park's beauty? You can see more of Ashley's work at her website:

Happy trails!

Meet our resident artist.

We are thrilled to have Ashley Bostrom join us as a resident artist at Sperry Chalet. For the next two weeks Ashley will be working hard to capture the beauty and amazing moments that are found in the back country. If you will be visiting Sperry Chalet between now and the end of July be sure to say hello and ask her for a glimpse of what she is working on. If you miss her at the chalet you can still see her work online:

Happy Trails!

Sperry trails update.

Snow has been melting rapidly up in the mountains, conditions are changing day by day, but you can still find snow and wet conditions in some places. Waterproof boots and a change of socks continue to be necessary equipment.

Conditions are still marginal at Gunsight Pass and on the Sperry Glacier trail. People who are experienced with backcountry hiking and traversing snow fields will have fewer problems than those who are new to hiking and backpacking around snow. If you are not sure if you have the necessary skills we suggest erring on the side of caution. If you think you have the snow hiking experience to try these adventures be sure to bring your poles and crampons. Please be very careful, watch your step and put safety first while in the high country.

Gunsight Pass

A few brave souls are beginning to attempt to cross Gunsight Pass. On the west side the snow has melted away for the most part. On the east side there are still dangerous snow crossings with lots of exposure. That means the snow fields slope down and run off a cliff making a simple slip and fall very perilous. This route is recommended only for experienced hikers with appropriate equipment and self arrest skills.

Sperry Glacier Trail

The Sperry Glacier trail remains over 50% snow covered. While there is not as much exposure on this trail, traversing the high angle snow is presenting a challenge for most of the people who attempt it. Trail crew has installed the footbridges over the waterfalls and the handrail at Comeau pass.

Lake Ellen Wilson

This has been the hike of choice at Sperry Chalet lately. The Sperry crew is reporting this trail is clear of snow all the way to the lake. Lake Ellen Wilson is a beautiful place to spend a sunny afternoon nestled amongst the beautiful peaks of Glacier Park.

Happy Hiking!

Sperry Chalet is open!

Our 2010 season has begun and we are excited to be back in the mountains with you.

Current conditions are snowy. We have been clearing the trails to and around the chalet but it is a good idea to have waterproof boots and a change of socks. If you are interested in exploring higher toward Sperry Glacier, necessary equipment definitely includes waterproof footwear, additional traction and trekking poles. The Sperry Glacier trail is currently 90% snow covered and very difficult.

Gunsight Pass

Do not attempt to reach Sperry Chalet via Gunsight Pass at this time! We received a snow report from an experienced and well equipped backcountry trail crew member and his report included the words "treacherous", "dangerous", "stupid", and "that was the scariest thing I have ever done." The only people that should be attempting to cross Gunsight Pass at this time are expert mountaineers. We recommend waiting a few weeks for the snow to melt.

We are expecting considerable snow melt in the upcoming weeks. Continue to monitor the Park Service trail status reports or check the status at a visitor center in the park before going on high elevation adventures. We will continue to post updates on conditions around Sperry Chalet as more first hand information comes available.

Special thanks to the Glacier Associates!

Glacier National Park's volunteer organization joined us for our opening fundraiser and let me tell you, these people are fun and friendly. If you send time near Glacier and want to help support our Park, the Glacier Associates are the people to know. They are always looking for new volunteers. The money we helped them raise this year will go toward some great Park improvement projects including important new wheelchair accessible trails.

Happy trails!
See you in the high country.

Summer office hours

We are switching to our summer office hours beginning today. We will be in the office full time until the chalets close in September.

Summer hours:
Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the mountain time zone.


Summer is near

Signs of spring are everywhere here in Glacier. The bears are coming out of hibernation, the wildflowers are starting to bloom, and the snow plows have reached Logan Pass.

The big questions for many people planning June and early July trips to the Park are "When will Going to the Sun road open?" And "When will the Highline Trail to Granite Park Chalet open?"

No one knows the answers to these questions yet. Trying to guess the whims of mother nature is an exercise in folly. But we can steer you toward the best information we have at hand.

The National Park Service website has the most current information about roads and trails.
Current road status.
Trail reports.
Once you are in the Park and away from the Internet, you may stop by any visitor center to get the latest trail and road reports.

We hope you have a safe and exciting vacation, and we are looking forward to hitting the trails with you soon.

Friendly reminder!

We begin applying a $10 administrative fee for reservation changes and cancellations starting June 1. If you have changes you would like to make to your reservation, the month of May is your last opportunity to do so without penalty.


Happy Birthday Glacier National Park!

May 11 is the 100th anniversary of GNP's dedication as a National Park. Here at the backcountry chalets we want to shout out a hearty congratulations to the Park for a very successful first century, and a heartfelt thank you to all the people and organizations that have contributed to the Glacier legacy.

We are looking forward to an exciting summer here. If you want to find out if any special centennial events will be happening during your visit to Glacier, be sure to check out and check the events calendar.

We will be out of the office for much of May 11 and 12. We will be in the park celebrating and eating birthday cake, so our office will be short staffed during the Glacier re-dedication event. If you have business to conduct with your reservation, please send an Email or try us again later in the week.


Attention Artists

Sperry Chalet is excited to announce a new artist residency program.

One of the reasons we are here at Sperry Chalet is to help people enjoy the amazing beauty of Glacier National Park's backcountry wilderness. We are seeking the help of a talented artist who can help us share these wild treasures with other Park visitors and the many people who cannot come here in person.

Sperry Chalet would like to invite a visual artist to stay with us for up to two weeks. This residency can provide an artist with easy access to some of the most spectacular untouched wilderness in North America. If you are an artist that can use this setting for subject matter, muse and studio, we hope to hear from you. Complete details of our Art at Sperry Chalet program are available here.

Chalet employee reunion

As part of the 2010 Glacier National Park centennial celebration, Sperry Chalet and Granite Park Chalet will be hosting a chalet employee reunion.

All former employees of Sperry Chalet and Granite Park Chalet are invited. We want to hear your stories, see your photos and celebrate your experiences on the mountain. Plan for a reception dinner near West Glacier on August 17 and an opportunity to visit Glacier National Park on the following days. Your family is welcome to join us.

If you are a former chalet employee please mark August 17, 2010 on your calendar and contact our reservation office to be added to the mailing list. If you will not be able to join us in person, please get on the mailing list anyway. You will still be able to catch up with old friends and share your memories.


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