Deposit payments

Many of your deposit payments are coming due and we are getting backlogged on processing them. If you have mailed in your deposit but have not heard back yet, don't worry, we will not be canceling any reservations until we get caught up. All reservations are getting a reprieve until at least the end of the month for making the deposit.

If you are trying to make your deposit, you can pay online through the link in your confirmation Email, call us, or send it in by post.

We are learning that many of the Emails we are sending in response to reservation requests are not reaching some people. Be sure to check your junk mail folders if you have not heard back from us. Email addresses in particular do not appear to be receiving our communication. We are sorry for the inconvenience. All successful reservations will be getting a statement by postal mail.

Happy Trails

It has been a fun week hearing from so many excited people. Thanks for being enthusiastic for the chalets. It is heartbreaking that we are not able to award reservations to everyone that wishes to stay with us. Do check our availability occasionally through the spring, any openings from cancellation will be available to the next request.

If you have not heard back on the status of your reservation request, sorry, we tried to send an Email but sometimes things go wrong. All successful reservations will also receive a confirmation by post.

Happy Hiking!

Reservations open on January 9th

We will begin accepting reservations for the 2017 season on Monday, January 9th, at 8:am mountain time zone.

Use the reservation request form on this website. You will find it on the reservations link on the menu. This is the fastest and easiest way to send your request. We will get back to you by Email as soon as we can.

First come first served will be strictly enforced. The order requests are put into our database is the order we will process them. Using the form on our website will be the fastest and easiest way to get onto that list.

We do not recommend using the phone, Email, telegram, pony express, or any other way of reaching us. The only thing we can do with these requests is enter them into the website on your behalf. This will be slower and less reliable than doing it yourself online.

If you need it, the office phone is: 888-345-2649.
We will not be able to create a reservation by phone, but we can enter your information into our online form on your behalf or answer questions. Expect delays and busy signals if you attempt to reach us by phone.

The chalets are very popular, we expect to sell out all available space very quickly. You can improve your chances of success with these strategies:

Good Luck!

2017 Fares

With the help of the National Park Service, we now have all the fares and operating dates for the 2017 season approved.

Granite Park Chalet:
$106 for the first person in a room, $80 for each additional person.
Open from June 27 through September 10.

Sperry Chalet:
$222 for the first person in a room, $150 for each additional person.
Open from July 9 through September 10.

Reservations open on January 9th, 8:00am mountain time. The best, fastest, easiest way to make your reservation will be through this website.

We are looking forward to hearing from you in the new year. Until then, enjoy your holidays!

Merry Christmas from the backcountry of Glacier National Park.

Planning ahead to 2017

If you are thinking about a chalet reservation for the summer of 2017, here are some dates to know:

Reservations open on January 9th. 8:00am Mountain time zone.

Granite Park Chalet will be open June 27 through September 10.
Sperry Chalet will be open July 9 through September 10.

We hope you will get a chance to come and visit.

Thanks Elena

We would like to shout out a hearty Thank You! to Elena Maza Borkland for joining us this past summer as our resident artist at Sperry Chalet.
Elena Maza Borkland

Elena specializes in botany illustrations and with the abundance of subject matter just outside the Sperry doorstep she enjoyed a very productive hitch with her pallets, pencils and creative eye. Her work is beautiful and she tells us she will be developing her illustrations further in her studio this winter. You can learn more about her and read the story of her Sperry adventure here:

Happy Trails

End of summer

Someone give this summer a speeding ticket! It went by too fast. As we close down another amazing season I feel super grateful for all the incredible hiking, the adventures, the bears, the sunsets, the leisurely shuttle rides, and most of all the incredible people that visited us here at the chalets. It is a lesson I love learning again and again, you do meet the nicest people in the mountains. (High five to Pete, fist bump to Sue & Al, a hug to Elena, and a wave at Karen.)

We will be on light duty at the office for a while. Send an Email if you need anything. If you are looking forward to the 2017 season, the date to circle on your calendar is January 9th. Reservations will open then. We will put information about our operating dates and rates on the website through the fall as we learn it.

Happy trails!

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