Merry Christmas!

Our reservations office will be closed for two weeks over the Christmas and New Years holiday. We will be back to help you with your Chalet reservation on Monday, January 7.

Merry Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving!

The chalet office will be closed for the holiday on November 22 and 23. We will be back in the office again on Monday, November 26.

This year we are thankful for sturdy boots, dry socks, hiking in Glacier National Park, bear spray, rosy sunsets, light packs, turkey dinner at Sperry Chalet, the trail crew that opens the Highline Trail, hot chocolate on cold mornings, meeting our friends in the backcountry, our families, and all the wonderful people that join us at the chalets.

Blessings to you and your family.

2008 rates now available

The overnight rate at Sperry Chalet for 2008 is as follows:

$170 for the first person in a room.
$115 for each additional person in the same room.

Children under age 12 are $99.

Details of the rates are available here.

If you already have a reservation at the Sperry Chalet we will be sending you a new copy of your confirmation that includes your total fare.

Our cancellation policy for 2008 has also changed. New this year is the addition of a $10 administrative fee for reservations changes made June 1st or later. Any reservation changes or cancellations made prior to June 1 are complimentary and free of charge.


Reservation information

Thanks for your patience as we worked through the initial overflow of reservation requests. It has been a busy couple of weeks here. Now that we are caught up on the reservation requests we have a backlog of deposit payments.

If you have received a reservation request or reservation confirmation in the mail, your reservation is secure. Should the confirmation of your deposit run a little late, do not panic. We are just getting caught up is all. Your reservation will be secure until we handle this entire pile of mail pouring into our mailbox.

It has been great fun helping everyone with your vacation plans, I'm already excited for the summer of 2008.

Now taking reservations

Reservations for 2008 are now available. Reservations are accepted through our toll free phone line 1-888-345-2649. Or through our online reservations request form.

The phone line will probably be very busy for the next few days. Just keep trying to reach us. Thanks for your patience.

Office hours for the winter are 8:00am to 2:00pm in the Mountain time zone, Monday through Friday.

Looking forward to 2008

Here are Sperry's operating dates for 2008 to help you make your plans for next summers vacation.

Sperry Chalet will be open July 5, 2008 through September 7, 2008.

If you are planning to include our sister chalet, Granite Park, in your plans, the Granite Park Chalet will be open July 1, 2008 through September 6, 2008.

We will begin accepting reservations on October 29, 2007.

Closed for the season.

We had a fantastic summer at Sperry Chalet. Lots of smiling faces, lots of good food, and lots of great hiking. Thank you to everyone who stayed with us. I met a lot of wonderful people on the Sperry Trail this year.

Our reservation office will be closed for several weeks as we regroup and get ready for next summer. We will begin accepting reservations for the 2008 season on October 29.

Happy trails.

Upcoming closures that might affect your plans:

Glacier National Park's new Going-to-the-Sun Road transit system is in its final week of operation for the 2007 season. When the shuttle system ends operation on September 3, by all
accounts, the new shuttle system will be deemed a huge success. According to park officials, the fleet of low-emission, fuel efficient shuttle buses has proven very popular: As an alternative mode of Sun Road transportation the shuttle system has reduced Sun Road traffic by approximately 20 percent. "We are extremely pleased with the public response from this first season of operation," said Glacier National Park Superintendent Mick Holm. "We hope park visitors will continue to use the shuttle system in future years."

Starting at 10:00pm September 16, the Going-to-the-Sun Road, between Avalanche Creek and Siyeh Bend, will be closed for the season to allow scheduled road rehabilitation work and to allow for repairs to the sections of roadbed damaged in a storm last November. There will be no access to Logan Pass after September 16.

An autumn chill at Sperry Chalet.

We have been enjoying some cooler weather at Sperry Chalet, there is definitely a feeling of autumn in the air. The streams and waterfalls are drying up and the mountain goats are growing out their winter coats. If you are visiting Sperry Chalet soon you might want to bring a hat and gloves along with a warmer layer to wear in the evenings and mornings. You can also warm up in our kitchen with hot soup, hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea or a hot game of cards. We have plenty of warm blankets on the beds too.

The Sperry crew would like to say "Thank You Firefighters!" We appreciate the tremendous work and effort they have put in this summer. The wildfires in the region are not completely out, and they will probably smolder until the first snow, but they are more contained. There has been less smoke in the air lately to everyone's great relief. Fire restrictions are still in effect and the forests are still very dry. Please continue to be cautious and safe as you enjoy the park.

Happy Hiking!

Life is good at Sperry Chalet

The hot days of July have given way to milder days in August. Temperatures at the Chalet have been reaching highs in the upper 70's to low 80's. All the trails are in excellent condition. The swarms of mosquitos that we enjoyed early in July have all pretty well died off, but there are still some nuisance black flies about so don't leave the bug repellent behind yet. In the evenings the stargazing has been excellent with a good chance of spotting meteors. Don't forget to bring a warmer layer of clothes to wear in the evenings and mornings.

There has been little to no rain in Glacier National Park, so all fire restrictions are still in place. And there is still a danger of overheating while hiking, so be sure to get started early while the day is still cool and carry plenty of water.

The forest fires in the region continue to create a good deal of smoke and haze. The air quality has been varying day by day depending on which way the wind blows. Air quality tends to get better the higher you climb into the mountains and the smoke makes spectacular sunsets. Unfortunately there is no way to predict what the air quality will be like during your visit to Sperry. A good way to monitor the air is to look at the Glacier Webcams.

Happy Hiking

Fire Information

There are currently several forest fires burning near Glacier National Park that may have an impact on your vacation.

The closest fire to the park is the Skyland Fire currently burning near Marias pass along US Highway 2 to the south of the park. At the moment Highway 2 is open to traffic in both directions, but if you are traveling this route be prepared for delays.

Other fires near the towns of Whitefish and Kalispell are the Brush Creek fire and the Chippy Creek fire. These two fires are creating a tremendous amount of smoke in the Flathead Valley and in the west side of Glacier National Park. Expect to encounter smoke and haze in West Glacier and the Lake McDonald area.

At Sperry Chalet conditions are smoky and hazy. The amount of smoke tends to fluctuate with the wind and temperatures. The view to the west is obscured but the sunsets are spectacular. It is reported that the air quality improves as you hike up toward Sperry Glacier.

Glacier National Park and Sperry Chalet remain open and are in no immediate danger. Fire restrictions remain in effect and the weather remains hot and dry.

Gunsight Pass Trail

Can you believe that there are still patches of snow near Gunsight Pass? However, the path is well trampled and is much safer than it was in the early season. The waterfall at the head of Lake Ellen Wilson is still running high. The water came up over the top of my boots when I crossed it. You might want to have extra dry socks with you if you hike this trail.

The Sperry Trail remains easily passable but you should carry extra water and start hiking early in the day to beat the heat.

Happy Hiking

Hiker Heat Advisory

Glacier National Park is issuing a Hiker Heat Advisory.

Unprecedented hot temperatures and dry weather this summer has created additional hazards for hikers in Glacier National Park. Already this year, numerous hikers have fallen ill from heat and heat related incidents.

Don't become a victim of heat illness; it is preventable.

Hike Smart!
Do not rely on physical strength alone, hiking intelligently will take you much Farther.

Drink and Eat Often!
Don't wait till you're thirsty to replace fluid and electrolytes. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

You sweat around � to 1 Quart of water and electrolytes for every hour you walk in the heat. Your body can only absorb about 1 quart of fluid per hour, so drink � to 1 quart of water or sports drink very hour that you are hiking in the heat.

Eat a salty snack every time you drink. Food is your body's primary source of fuel and salts (electrolytes) while hiking in the heat.

Wait for the shade!
Avoid hiking in the hottest part of the day. Make a realistic plan that will allow you to stay put and rest during the hot portion of the day. Do not push yourself to meet a later commitment. Hikes in high mountain terrain often take several hours longer than planned.

Be Prepared for Changes in the Weather!
Always carry "the 10 essentials": Flashlight, Map and Compass, First aid kit, Bright Colored Tarp, Rain Gear, Matches and fire starter, Whistle, knife, extra food and water, extra clothes.

Monitor Yourself and Your Group for Signs of Heat Illness!
Signs of heat illness can include weakness, nausea, headache, cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, and changes in mental status. If caught early, most heat illness can be treated with rest, food, water, and shade. If symptoms fail to improve or worsen, get help immediately. Heat illness can be life threatening!

Fire Restrictions

Glacier National Park will be implementing Stage 1 fire restrictions starting on Monday, July 23.

Stage 1 restrictions prohibit the building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire except within a developed recreation site or improved site. In Glacier, campfires are ONLY authorized in the approved fire grates in the 13 frontcountry campgrounds; campfires in the backcountry are NOT permitted.

Stage 1 fire restrictions also prohibit smoking, except in an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials. Note: Visitors cannot clear a 3 foot area to smoke in.

At the Sperry Chalet these fire restrictions will mainly affect smokers. Sperry Chalet does not permit smoking inside the buildings, so under the fire restrictions you will need to find a three foot clearing to smoke in. In front of the kitchen building near the hitching rail may be your only option.

This summer has been hot and dry, so please do your part to help protect Glacier National Park from fires. Please be extra cautious with open flames as you visit the park this summer.

Gunsight Pass Trail.

You should still use extreme caution if you are planning to enter or leave Sperry Chalet over Gunsight Pass. The Park Service has installed all the bridges on the east side and report that the trail is passable from Gunsight Lake to the trailhead on Going to the Sun Road. Gunsight pass itself still has some hazards. There are apparently some short sections of washed out and debris-covered trail on the east side of the pass, along with some remaining snow fields. Use extra caution crossing the snow and make sure your footholds are solid. You should even look for routes around the snowfields, scrambling on the rock where possible. One slip in the wrong place could be fatal.

On the west side of the pass the Sperry Chalet staff is reporting a difficult water crossing over the waterfall at the head of Lake Ellen Wilson. The water is high and fast moving. Be prepared to get wet, hiking poles can be helpful here.

Many people have already crossed Gunsight Pass safely this season and the hot weather should remove the snow hazards in the upcoming weeks. Please be safe in your backcountry adventures and enjoy your hike.

Sperry Chalet is now open.

Our 2007 season is off to a fine start.

We are pleased to announce that our first night fundraiser was a big success with Sperry Chalet raising over $6000 dollars for the Glacier Institute. The Glacier Institute offers field classes and educational adventures in Glacier National Park and we are proud to help them with their efforts. Special thanks to everyone who stayed with us and contributed to this excellent organization.

The Sperry kitchen is now serving lunch to backcountry visitors. If you are out hiking for the day, camping overnight or having a horseback adventure with the Swan Mountain Outfitters, you are more than welcome to stop in for lunch. Our Ala Carte lunch service is open from 11:30 to 5:00 every day this summer. Try our homemade bread and soup.

And be sure to say hello to the Sperry crew when you get there.

Sperry Crew 2007

Renee, Caryn, Theresa, Becky, Susi, Mike, Liisa, Dulcy, and Albert; along with help from Katlyn, Hanna and Kevin have opened up our mountain home and are looking forward to having you join us.

See you on the Sperry Trail.

July 2,2007 - Monday

The Going-to-the-Sun Road is open! The new Glacier National Park transit system is in operation taking eager hikers to trail heads between St. Mary and Apgar. Granite Park Chalet is welcoming overnight guests. The Sperry crew is busy preparing the chalet for the first guests on July 7th. We are looking forward to a summer of smiling faces.

New Office Hours

Starting on Monday, June 18 our office hours are changing to the summer schedule. We will be available to take your calls for more hours every day throughout the summer.

Our new hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Glacier Park time (mountain time zone) seven days a week.

We will use this schedule from June 18 until the chalets close on September 9.

Horseback Rides.

We are pleased to extend a big "Howdy" to Glacier National Park's new horse concessioner, The Swan Mountain Outfitters. If you are planning to get to Sperry Chalet by horse this summer these are the good people that will help you out.

The Swan Mountain Outfitters will be offering horseback rides from three locations in the park The Many Glacier area, Lake McDonald Lodge, and new rides this year from Apgar Village. Trail rides can last from one hour to all day and are available to all skill levels.

So if you want to visit Sperry Chalet by horseback or if you are just looking for a fun way to spend a day in Glacier, give the Swan Mountain Outfitters a call. 1-877-888-5557

You can also find them online at

Going to the Sun Road

It is springtime in Glacier and that means snowplowing. The road crews have already started work and are making good progress. Opening the Going to the Sun Road is an extra challenge this year because of the damage from last years flooding. If you are planning an early season visit to Glacier National Park be sure to check the NPS website or a park visitor center to get a report on the road status. Read the complete road plowing news release here.

The Glacier National Park website can also help you keep track of the plowing progress; be sure to check out the plowing photos too.

After Going to the Sun Road opens for the summer you should take advantage of the new shuttle service. Free to ride and stopping at all the major scenic and hiking destinations along Going to the Sun Road, travel through Glacier has never been easier. If you are spending the summer near the Park you should consider volunteering at the new Apgar Transit Center.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

Interpretive Workshops
NEW for 2007

Sperry Chalet is offering guided informative hikes to Sperry Glacier on select dates this summer. Each workshop includes two nights lodging at Sperry Chalet with an evening preview, an all day guided hike to Sperry Glacier, and an evening wrapup session.

Get the dates and details here.

Space is limited for these sessions, call our reservation office to sign up.

Our Sperry Chalet website has a new look.

We hope the changes make it easier for you to find the information you need. More improvements are being planned as well

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