Guided Interpretive Workshops
2023 season

Explore Glacier's back country with a knowledgeable, experienced, and personable guide while staying at Sperry Chalet.


Sperry Glacier Workshop

Science in the Wild

Sperry Glacier Workshop

July 31 and August 1
August 1 and 2
August 3 and 4
August 4 and 5

Science in the Wild

August 11-12
August 12-13

Each Workshop includes:


$60.00 per person in addition to the required two night chalet reservation.

Space is limited and reservations are required.

All workshops take place rain or shine.


Reserve your space by selecting the workshop option on your chalet reservation request.

Sperry Glacier Workshop

Sperry Glacier

This all day workshop will take you to a high mountain valley carved by ice age glaciers. View glacial land forms, features of present day Sperry Glacier and the ecosystem inhabited by plants and animals that have successfully adapted to the alpine.

Your guide will be Janet Paul Bones, a former ranger naturalist in Glacier National Park, a teacher and presenter for the Smithsonian Institute and the Glacier Institute. She has been teaching field classes in Glacier National Park since 1984. Her longtime commitment to education and her extensive experience with Glacier National Park make this an extraordinary opportunity.

Science in the Wild 

Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park and other National Parks serve as outdoor science labs. Curiosity inspires researchers to design investigations that help answer important questions: Is the population of grizzly bears increasing? What is happening to the fire regime as our climate warms? As glaciers melt, which species will thrive? Which species will struggle? 

Observations made through field studies help us better understand the world around us. The data that is collected provides essential information to park managers who must determine how to best protect our national treasures for current and future enjoyment.

This workshop will explore several research topics including: wolverine population monitoring, fire ecology, & the changing alpine tree line. Participants should plan for a strenuous full day hike to Comeau Pass.

Your guide, Megan Chaisson, was an interpretive Park Ranger with Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest for 10 years. Currently Megan is a Science Teacher who focuses her classroom instruction around data analysis & scientific writing skills to help shape engaged citizens. She continues to volunteer in the field counting migrating eagles, collecting hair samples for wildlife studies, and measuring snow survey data for ongoing climate research projects. Megan looks forward to sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with each of you!

Hiking level: Strenuous.