Belton Chalets, Inc. Data Privacy Policy:

The short version:
We use your personal information to provide lodging and related services, as well as collect billing for these services. We will never sell or release your information to any other entity with the exception of official requests from the National Park Service. We may share personal information with the National Park Service in response to wilderness life safety emergencies.

Information we collect:
We collect and store contact information for our customers, information relevant to our customers travel itineraries, and billing information. Primarily: names, mailing addresses, Email addresses, phone numbers, dates of stay at our lodging facilities, and credit card or billing information.

Other information we may have:
Additional personal information that is available to us may include, but is not necessarily limited to, history of transactions, Email correspondence, telephone or voice mail recordings, reservation requests, applications for employment, guest registers, surveys or feedback, logs of internet or electronic device use.

In certain cases we may collect health data. Health data is generally used so that we can provide certain tailored services to you; for example, providing meals catering to dietary restrictions or in connection with our response to health-related incidents

How we use this information:
This information is maintained so that we can provide lodging and related services and to satisfy billing for these services.

All credit card information is stored in compliance with PCI Security Standards.

Sharing this information:
This information is held for the sole use of Belton Chalets, Inc. We do not sell or distribute this information in any way.

With one exception:
We may share personal information with the National Park Service in response to official requests concerning wilderness life safety emergencies. For example: determining if persons reported missing in the wilderness could have visited our properties, or accounting for individuals or groups evacuating from wilderness hazards.

Last updated: 4/20/2021