Belton Chalets, Inc. Second Party or Commercial Reservation Policy.


It is the goal and intent of Belton Chalets, Inc. to preserve and promote the chalets in Glacier National Park, while encouraging public access to the chalets through simple and reasonable reservation processes and costs. In contrast, Belton Chalets, Inc. anticipated that should reservations be allowed to be taken by "Second Party" or "Commercial Reservation Agents," due to the limited availability, short season and high demand for chalet reservations, a small number of agents could potentially book a large percentage of chalet rooms. As a consequence, the general public would be denied access to these National Park resources and access would be limited to these agents or by paying exorbitant prices. Second party reservations have been denied in an effort to make chalet lodging fairly and consistently available to the general public.

Belton Chalets, Inc., adopted a policy of not accepting any second party reservations at Sperry Chalet in October, 2003, and adopted an identical policy for reservations at Granite Park Chalet in February, 2005. These policies have been updated and clarified, effective November, 2008, as set forth herein.

Belton Chalets, Inc. recognizes that there could be mutual benefit when Park partners, fellow concessioners, and commercial organizations -- which share our interest in supporting and promoting the chalets and Glacier National Park -- have access to making reservations at the chalets. Accordingly, Belton Chalets, Inc., has modified its previous policies on Second Party Reservations, providing some special consideration to these Park partners when considering a requested advance approval for such a reservation.

Definition of a second party or commercial reservation

A "Second Party" and "Commercial Reservation Agent" as used herein shall refer to any travel agent, tour organizer, guided group, educational group, or any other middle man who makes a reservation at a chalet with intent to re-sell all or part of the booking.

The Policy