End of summer

Wrapping the season at the chalets is so bittersweet. Though our feet are sore from the hiking and we have a winter to make it through before we see those mountaintops again, we can feel good about how awesome the summer of 2023 has been.

We had a great time on the mountain this year, thanks to everyone that could join us. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

Happy trails. See you in the new year.

Gunsight Pass Closed

The Gunsight Pass trail will be closed from September 4 through 16, from Gunsight Pass to Going to the Sun Road, including the Gunsight Lake campground.

This closes access to Sperry Chalet from the east for the remainder of our season. We still have great hiking to do though. If you just gotta see the continental divide we can hike as far as Gunsight Pass from the chalet, plus the amazing hike to Sperry glacier. If you are visiting this week be sure to bring your warm evening wear and keep an eye on the forecast in case of rain.

Happy Hiking

Sperry Chalet is open

Some people look at the Sperry Trail and think "that looks challenging", others look at the Sperry Trail and think "that looks fun", and still others look to that trail and think "A nice grilled cheese this afternoon would be lovely."

No matter your trail mindset, Sperry Chalet is open and ready for you. The dining room has hot soup, homemade bread, and cool lemonade. The mountain goats have been practicing their most picturesque poses. The mountains could not be more beautiful. We can’t wait for you to come up!

The trails are in great condition. The Sperry Trail has no obstacles. The Sperry Glacier Trail has the bridges installed over the water crossings. And the Gunsight Pass trail has only minor snowfields to skirt around; but be careful at the Ellen Wilson water crossing, that spot can get you wet no matter what the conditions are.

Happy hiking and be safe out there!

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